• 1 Contact person
  • 1 Key out in the market
  • Accompanied viewings
  • Professional listings
  • Optimal Home Presentation
  • Feedback
  • Wide market coverage

After various years of decline in the number of real estate companies active in the area we have seen the number of agencies grow again in the last two years, hence the importance to offer your property through the right companies but without having the hassle of needing to contact them all. We are fully aware of those agents that are selling regularly, primarily because they are good agents but also because the nationality of the buyers changes depending on the economy of the home country and we have the local knowledge to adapt and maintain contacts with the agents of the nationalities that are buying.  This is absolutely key to selling your property in any market and is impossible without our local experience and knowledge.

Up to 2006 probably 65% of the clients walked the streets of Marbella entering one of the many agencies available in search of the property they wanted to buy, presently more than 75% of the potential buyers contact an agency through the internet. Our key holding concept and modern website is the perfect solution to this and is a contemporary and fresh approach.

At the same time, for a small fee, we offer the sellers the opportunity to list their property with the best agencies on the coast through our Multi-Listing concept,  receive a realistic market valuation, a professional listing of the property with photo shoot (professional shoot available if requested) and through our key holding strategy we will offer your property to the largest possible public with the guarantee of having monthly  reports and instant updates as well as full security and control regarding all the visits that occurred.

In that way, you as a seller will have only one contact person and will always be aware of who is entering the property and what the result of the visit is.

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