• David Villarias - Madrid - España

    I have had the experience of putting in the hands of Axel the sale of a property in the area of Marbella-Estepona, and I must say that it has been highly satisfactory. Despite the housing crisis that we are facing in Spain, Axel did not spare any effort to offer the property to contacts and organizing visits to the property, which in the end resulted in an offer which was acceptable to me. Adding to this that the way he has been treating with us was well educated, polite and friendly, we definitely have a highly recommendable real estate expert on the Costa del Sol.

  • Alfons Palmans - Bélgica

    Axel assisted us perfectly during the purchase of our holiday home in the south of Spain. We have visited many properties that he had selected following our criteria in order to obtain a perfect view of what we could afford with our modest budget. He has driven us from one property to the other as a perfect guide, sparing himself no trouble at all. The visit that he organized for us to the lawyers’ office was also very instructive. There we received all the information regarding the different steps we had to take to complete the purchase process. If you are looking for a property on the Costa del Sol in the areas of Marbella, Estepona or Benahavis, than you should not contact anybody else but Axel

    Dear Axel,

    I’m very glad to hear from you and also that you are planning a joint venture as an immobiliary company. It seems to me a very good idea, as I appreciated a lot to work with both of you. When I decided to sell my spanish properties and turn back to switzerland I had contact with many companies and must say, the best results came from the contact with either you or with stephanie. at the end you also managed to sell my two properties with good result. Our cooperation and personal contact was excellent. Thank you for all your efforts.

    I am doing real fine, living partly in zurich on the lake, and then in ascona, southern switzerland. A lot of time I also spend travelling last trip was paris, nimes, camargue, marseille, and also a very short distance into Spain. Now I wish you all succes, with kindest personal regards also to your wife Stephanie.

    hope to hear from you again.

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