Company Goal : Property Finder, Expert and Key Holder

The goal is simple: firstly to act as a property finder for the buyer and show our expertise in the Real Estate market. Creating the perfect match between property sellers and the potential buyers by offering real market expertise and the widest possible range of product in the selected areas. Second; valuing, listing and distributing properties to a selection of Real Estate Agents for the seller in order to offer them a trusted and professional helping hand to sell their property in a more efficient way and in a shorter period of time.

Our goal is to be different, taking a fresh approach to Real Estate in order to reach excellence for the buyer and seller. Bringing true service to the Real Estate market by promoting an honest and transparent company policy and achieving an unprecedented level of excellence through professional work.

Marbella, Estepona and Benahavis have almost 150 real estate companies working in their respective areas and specializing in different type of properties and price brackets. Each and every agency has its qualities and faults and range of product, covering together the whole area. Some agencies have product portfolios of over 4.000 properties and others, acting more locally portfolios of in between 50 to 200 properties. We have made a conscious decision to limit our portfolio of properties, as we know from experience that it is impossible to service these owners to the level that we aspire to. We will continue to collaborate with those agents that we know and trust, providing both the seller and buyer with a substantial network of contacts on the Costa Del Sol.

Hence the idea of establishing ourselves as an independent property finder and local expert, we are able to find for a potential buyer the property of his dreams wherever it is located and whatever agency is selling it. This goal can only be achieved through perfect market knowledge and by collaborating in total transparency with all those different agencies and screening their portfolio on a constant basis for the potential buyer.
Purchasing a property, whether it is small apartment that will be used occasionally during summer or holiday periods, a larger villa or an apartment for permanent living, is one of the most important and difficult decisions a family will take in its lifetime. It is therefore important that you as a potential buyer are offered all the possibilities the market has to offer wherever the property of your dreams is located in the municipalities of Marbella, Estepona or Benahavis).

Company Strategy : Flexibility – Transparency – Collaboration

Since the last Spanish real estate crisis of 1992-1993 and a slow recovery starting at the end of 1996 the market has been categorized as a ‘sellers market’ for the last 15 years before turning into a ‘buyers market’ in 2009.

Therefore our approach is designed to look at the purchasing process from the buyer’s point of view, but also to represent the seller. Be a point of contact and a source of trust.
Whether your or looking for a villa in Hacienda Las Chapas, Los Monteros or El Rosario on the east side of Marbella, a penthouse or apartment in the centre of Marbella, Estepona, San Pedro de Alcantara or Benahavis, a villa on the Golden Mile; or a dream home in La Zagaleta, El Madroñal, Monte Mayor, Marbella Club Golf Resort, Los Flamingos, Guadalmina, Casasola, El Paraiso or the New Golden Mile, we will make sure you find the place of your dreams wherever it is located and whomever is selling it.

As a small and flexible company with a lot of expertise in the market we are interacting on a permanent basis with all the real estate agencies keeping us constantly updated of the available properties and their best deals. We analyze their websites constantly and even more important are in personal contact with any one of them. Personal contact is one of the key factors in this strategy as we insist that the whole business should be totally transparent. Through our network of lawyers and contact with banks we are also able to locate those properties which almost never come to the market as they will most probably be sold before during private auctions. Banks will in most cases offer the properties which they find most difficult to sell to the real estate agencies and will try to sell their best products themselves, in order to increase their profit margin. Once again, a personal, flexible and transparent approach is key factors in this operational strategy.

Again one could say that there are plenty of Multi-Listing websites offering thousands of properties but what is missing here is the knowledge and expertise on properties, values and areas. Many of those websites feature properties which have been sold or were taken off market long time ago and are just created to attract a potential buyer, as a lot of time the company has had no contact with this property in many years…. It is also very easy to get lost in this large offer of product. This brings us back to our company goal, strategy and philosophy: what was missing in recent years in the property market is the personal, honest and professional approach.

Company Operation Mode : Professional, Honest and Trustworthy

Obviously we insist on the importance of the personal contact in order to be sure to analyze all the parameters which are important to the potential buyers, such as lifestyle, location, maximum budget… and help you find the property that is most suitable to you. We can forward you pictures and details of the properties you are interested in and will organize the visits once you have made your selection and visit us on the coast.

Any real estate transaction on the coast involves a commission paid by the seller out of the proceeds of the sale, i.e. the buyers’ money. This commission will be split amongst the different agencies or parties involved in the selling process but you will only pay it once. Our aim is also to achieve long term collaboration with the different agencies on the coast in all transparency and create a win-win situation for the buyer, the seller and the agencies involved.

As our client, we will register you with those agencies in order to be sure we cover the entire market and offer you an overview of all the available properties that are matching your search criteria. Let us know what you are looking for, we have the knowledge and the contacts and we will find it.

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